Automation Made Easy Bootcamp

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Automation Made Easy Bootcamp

Michelle LeAnn Presents ONLINE
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Automation Made Easy 6-Week Bootcamp Coaching Program

Bootcamp Full Payment: $5,000

Welcome to my Six Week Bootcamp Coaching Program!

It’s your time to automate your content like a PRO!

It’s jammed-packed with my personal strengths rooted in strategic execution that I’ve used in my business as well as shared with many business professionals.

Bootcamp Topics Include: Business Mindset, Content Focus, Planning Calendar, Creating Content Overview, Designing 101, The Automation Process, and BONUSES: Maintenance, Community & Synergy Sessions

Additional Benefits:

We’re LIVE on August 1st, 2022, and resources will be unlocked gradually leading up to our first Bootcamp session.

We will meet every Wednesday @ 7:15 pm EST for six weeks and have LIVE interaction with myself and fellow automation Bootcamp goers.

  • 1.5 hours of LIVE demonstration and interaction each Wednesday
  • Helping Businesses, Professionals, and Creators show up everywhere on social media effortlessly
  • Helping Business, Professionals, and Creators tell their story 24/7 only using a fraction to very little of their precious time
  • Developing the skill of managing social media without being on each of the platforms using intuitive software
  • Creating a seamless execution of content creation and staging on multiple social media sites simultaneously

Payment Option:

$1,000 Nonrefundable deposit due TODAY and balance of $4k due on or before 7/31

Payment Plan Option 1 (two payments)

$1,000 Nonrefundable deposit due TODAY and balance of $4.5k due in two payments of $2,250 on 8/13 and 8/27!

Payment Plan Option 2 (four payments)

$1,000 Nonrefundable deposit due TODAY and balance of $5,200 due in four payments of $1,300 on 8/13, 8/20, 8/27, and 9/3!

I am super excited to connect with you!


You’re ready to simplify the content automation process and keep your valuable time! This is the go-to bootcamp that will empower you on your automation journey. You’ll learn how to avoid the top content creation mistakes that steal your time and joy of sharing. You’ll receive tutorials, handouts, and a framework for automation success. Jump in TODAY and take back your time freedom while sharing your passion with the world! See you inside, Michelle LeAnn, Your Empowerment Coach And Friend

Mindset Module
Deciding What Content To Automate
Social Media Calendar Creation
Creating Your Content Overview
Designing Your Content
Automating Your Content
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