Life Group Empowerment Zone with Michelle LeAnn

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The "Zone" That Empowers You To Discover, Launch & Expand Your Ideas!

Empowerment Zone Breakdown

  • Monday- instruction and overview of an empowerment resource. This is where an idea, product, or service is explained to generate options that help you discover, launch or expand your ideas.
  • Tuesday – demonstration of introduced resource of the week. This is where you will get a live demonstration of the resource and the tools needed to implement the resource within your developing concepts as launch or expansion.
  • Wednesday – this day is dedicated to membership popup highlights. Partners will be able to host events, workshops, sessions, podcasts, interviews, etc. in a fully functional space that can be transformed into a custom experience. Hourly rates are available with discounts for Empowerment Zone members.
  • Thursday – implementation of demonstrated resource of the week. This is the opportunity to implement the weekly resource in your wheelhouse of ideas, products, or services. All implementation days will include resources, links, and guidance.
  • Friday – this day is all about self-care and mental health. A day of guided relaxation and reflection with exercises and activities to keep you in a place of nurturing wholeheartedly.
  • Saturday – 3-hour workshops with a different theme each Saturday. (Every 1st Saturday – Empowerment Mindset, 2nd Saturday - Money Empowerment Moves, 3rd Saturday – Idea Empowerment, and 4th Saturday – Business Empowerment Tools)
    • Every first Saturday is the Empowerment Zone info session. Invite new people to learn more about the Life Group Empowerment Zone and how they can join.

Membership Perks

  • 4 hours/month in-person access to Empowerment Zone (Mon., Tues., Thurs. & Friday)
  • Virtual Access To Paid Saturday Workshops & Discounts For In-person (access frequency determined based on membership)
  • Discounts To Partner With The Empowerment Zone & Host Your Own Event (fully equipped training room with small group seating)
  • FREE Access To The Income Empowerment Circle (circle that empowers your income with tips, tools, and techniques to create another stream of income with live demonstrations online twice each month. Each 2nd & 3rd Thursday at 7:30 pm EST you meet online with like-minded individuals for income empowerment demonstrations and Q&A)
  • Get paid for each referral to the Life Group Empowerment Zone
  • 1 Month FREE for all annual memberships

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The creatives corner with interactive resources that helps you discover, expand and launch your ideas. The empowerment zone focuses on your ideas, self care, mental health, balance and execution. Small group and virtual sessions designed to get you moving in the right direction for your life and business.

Resource Introduction Mondays
Resource Demonstration Tuesdays
Membership Popup Wednesdays
Resource Implementation Thursdays
Self Care & Mental Health Fridays
3 Hr Workshop Saturdays
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Life Group Empowerment Zone with Michelle LeAnn

0 ratings