Monetize Your Business TODAY

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Monetize Your Business TODAY

Michelle LeAnn Presents ONLINE
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Welcome to Monetize Your Business TODAY

It's time for you to take your business to the next level or get it started on the right foot with several streams of income. It is about monetizing your business structure and maximizing your talents to ensure a higher ROI. Here are all the details included in the Live Online training:

Happening, Saturday, September 10th, 2022

Cost Per Session: $250

2 Sessions To Choose From:

11am - 1:30pm EST or 3pm - 5:30pm EST

💥5 ways to monetize your business TODAY💥

  • Learn trending ways to monetize your business
  • Learn ways to monetize your talent and areas of expertise
  • Discover 5 “no up-front cost” strategies to bring in more income

(Hint: #2 will blow your mind and you can do it TODAY)


Learn to solve the 10 problems each of your solutions create (hint: each solution creates more problems that you can monetize 😊)

**After checkout you will receive the link to choose which session works best for your schedule. The 11 am session or 3 pm session.

See you inside! ! !

I want this!

This course is all about monetizing your business and your talents to increase your return on investment!

Discover Treasure In Your Business
Learn To Work Smarter
Monetize Your Business
Monetize Your Talents
Increase Your ROI
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