Young Boys Unite Mentoring Program Application Process

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Why Attend The Young Boys Unite Mentoring Program?

  • The perfect environment and opportunity for young men to learn that they are Made for Greatness!
  • Getting clear on identity and the importance of personal development and boundaries
  • Discovering your unique factor and the real person inside
  • Getting comfortable showing up as the real you and giving yourself permission to grow
  • Learn the igniting effect of encouragement of belief

Benefits of Completing the Mentoring Program

  • Graduates become a Greatness Mentor for the next program
  • Ongoing Mentor/Mentee opportunities
  • Access to paid internships

$25 Non-refundable Application Fee, Limited Acceptance to ONLY 8 Boys, 1st Come 1st Considered

Program Schedule & Details:

These are the days you will attend the program for 6 consecutive weeks:


Program A: Mondays & Wednesdays 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm


The Life Group Empowerment Zone

2870 East Grand Boulevard, Suite 200, Detroit, MI 48202

Program Accommodations:

  • Laptops (available to use during each session, if needed) feel free to bring your own
  • Free Wifi
  • Light Meal and Snacks are provided each session
  • Program Curriculum and resources
  • Program Gear

Application Deadline:                                            Notification of Selection:

Not Accepting Applications At This Time

*Next Round Will OPEN Soon*

Deciding Criteria                                                              Acceptance Metrics

✔Timely Submission                                                         ✔All deciding criteria reviewed/met

✔Fulfilled Requirements                                                  ✔Video Submission

✔First Come, First Considered                      

If Selected: $25 application fee will be deducted from the program cost and the balance of $475 is due in full on or before Friday, July, 15th by 6 pm EST! Paid In Full at $500

Payment Plans Are Available At A Slightly Higher Rate:

Option 1: $100 non-refundable payment due by Friday, July 15th by 6 pm EST! 2 payments of $225 due on Fridays: July 29th and August 12th! Paid In Full at $575

Option 2: $100 non-refundable payment due by Friday, July 15th by 6 pm EST! 4 payments of $140 due on Fridays: July 29th, August 5th, August 19th, and August 26th! Paid In Full at $685

**This page is all about the nonrefundable application fee. After you pay the $25 application fee, the application will be immediately emailed to you at the email you provided at checkout.

What Happens With The Nonrefundable Application Fee:

As stated above, to those who are chosen it will be applied to their mentoring program cost. However, for those who are not chosen, they will receive the “Greatness Is My Superpower” statements of encouragement printable and free access to the “Greatness Is My Superpower” round-robin event on Friday, August 26th! This event is regularly priced at $37 per attendee, but your access is FREE simply for applying to this program! More details about this event will be provided.

Learn About The Young Girls Unite Mentoring Program

About the Mentor - Frederick Moss, Sr.

Mr. Moss is an outstanding Sports Coach, Business Owner, Husband, Father, and Friend to many. He has lived his life developing and cultivating the character of a man and dedicating his time and resources to pouring his life into the development of young men. He is a devoted Husband and Father. His company speaks volumes about his motto and focus for life with the "Made For Greatness" brand. He is also a phenomenal fitness coach in his local community. With all of that in place, he is also making available the Made For Greatness program that entails fitness, academics, and business acumen for youth. He indeed is demonstrating what it means to not only be Made for Greatness but he is walking in Greatness!

About the Founder - Michelle LeAnn

Michelle LeAnn Obikwelu is an International Certified Professional Life Coach, Business Owner, Wife, and Friend. Originally from Houston, Texas now residing in Michigan. Spend her early preteen and beyond years growing up in Detroit, Michigan, and completed her schooling in Detroit. Graduated 5th in her class with honors from Detroit Public Schools and earned her business degree from the local community college.

Along her journey, she started working at 14 years of age and quickly discovered leadership and management were her superpowers. She also served right around 6 years as a Children’s Assistant Director and then Director at a local ministry. After working in the workforce for 24 years, she has settled on her Entrepreneurial journey as a Life Coach, Business Owner/Trainer, and Mentor.

Become A Youth Sponsor
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You are ready to blossom into a young man and surround yourself with like-minded peers to make an impact. You know that there is more to life than going to school, eating, and playing here and there and repeat again and again each day. You know you have talents, gifts, and amazing things to share with the world. In fact, there is something inside of you that knows that you are truly “made For Greatness!” Since all of this sounds like you, the Young Boys Unite Mentoring Program is for you.

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