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Your Book Club Launch Made Easy

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Your Book Club Launch Made Easy

EARLY BIRD registration is open until August 15th! Pay ONLY $125

Training Date/Time

August 20, 2022

12:45pm - 4:45pm EST

Your Book Club Launch Made Easy LIVE ($175)

Congratulations, you are a few plans away from launching your very first successful book club. You’ve written an outstanding book and there are eager readers ready to take a deep dive into the realm of your most intriguing insights from your book. Put on your seat belt we are on the Autobahn going as fast as we can.

This online LIVE book club launch takes you from A-Z to preparing for your book club and filling it with your amazing readers.

Did you know?

Did you know that you can start your online book club with no upfront costs?

Did you know that you could add value and increase revenue with no upfront cost?

Did you know that you can create it and launch it in one day?

Well, you've reached the right place at the right time to get going in the right direction and move your readers into a community of dialogue around your amazing book!

Real-Time Action Steps: (it is about taking massive action to reach your goals, TODAY)

At the end of the training, you will have . . .

  • A LIVE Bookclub ready for readers to enroll
  • Come with your computers/laptops (double displays - watch training on your phone and complete tasks on your laptop)
  • Send invites to join your book club. Text message samples and email message templates will be available
  • Posts for social media announcing your book club release

Here are details of what you will learn:

  • Creating Your Book Club Reader’s Subscription Portal
  • Creating Autoresponders that lead to all your work
  • Email Workflows To Release Content Within Book Club
  • Text Messages To Gather Readers For Book Club
  • Social Media Posts To Engage Readers And Gather New Readers
  • Pre-launch Party with Readers And Inquirers
  • Marketing 101 - Gathering Your Sneezers, LOL (you know when someone sneezes if they do not cover their mouth, germs go flying everywhere. Well, this is the same concept but with a positive and enjoyable twist. I learned this from Seth Godwin. Your sneezers are the people who spread the word about your book and attract others to join in as a reader and in the book club)
  • BONUS: Learn how to create a guided journal and increase revenue from your book. This can be done ABSOLUTELY FREE with amazing online tools!

More Exclusive Benefits

  • 1 Hour Live Interaction after the general session for in-depth demonstration along with Q & A!
  • Get your burning questions answered and access live tutorials and resources to bring your book club to life.
  • First access to promotions, discounts, and resources


See you inside! ! ! !

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You are on the road to launching an amazing book club with, "Your Book Club Launch Made Easy!" Just right in so your readers can start the amazing journey with you.

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Your Book Club Launch Made Easy

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